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- The 'Provider' means CERTIFIED UK TRANSL., a division of EXPERTRANSLATORS Ltd. registered in England and Wales company no. 4279604. VAT registration 782722119. Registered office: 31A Crawford Place, London W1H4LL, United Kingdom, its employees and sub-contracted Translation Professionals.

- The 'Client' means the customer of the Provider, whether an individual or legal entity.

- ‘Assignment’ means any translation, certified or not, physical or digital, supplied by the Provider from the written source certificate provided by the 'Client'.

- 'Confirmation' means an acceptance by the Client of this Agreement, instructing the Provider to perform the Assignment, whether pre-paid or not, by any written confirmation means (email, web message, letter).

- 'Agreement' means the Terms of Business herein between the 'Provider' and the 'Client' constituted by these terms of business.

- 'Working hours': [opening_hours] (or you can place orders on our website at all times). 

- 'Original Certificate' means an actual Physical Certificate (or Certified True copy of Original certificate) bearing an original signature or stamp.

- 'Copy of Certificate' means a physical or electronic certificate (photocopy, photo, scan) which is a reproduction of the Original Certificate not bearing an original signature or stamp.

- 'Deadline 1': Delivery of electronic copy on the date the Assignment is completed as indicated on the Assignment Confirmation (not including weekends and public holidays)

- 'Deadline 2': Delivery of physical hard copy on the date the Assignment is received by the Client according to the following delivery schedule (not including weekends and public holidays):

- Post-Recorded Delivery UK 1st Cl. - (Up to 4 Business days)

- Post - Special Delivery UK - (Next Business Day)

- Courier to M25 - (Same day)

- Courier outside from 50 Miles from M25 (Same day))

- International Signed Post - (4 days EU/US)

- International Signed Post - (8 days World not EU/US)

- Fedex World (not EU/US) - (4 days)

- Fedex EU/US - (2 days)

- By email only (same day)


A translation and certification of a Certificate (the Assignment) is a translation that has been declared / stamped by the Provider or sworn by the Provider in front of a Commissioner for Oath (usually a solicitor but also a Notary Public) that it is true, accurate and complete. The Provider will not be held responsible for checking the authenticity of the Original certificate nor will it be held responsible for the translation of a Copy of Original which has been modified in any shape or form. It is up to the Client confirming the Assignment to ensure that a Copy of Original certificate provided is true and an exact Copy. In most cases, the Assignment will have a Copy of the Original certificate attached. Our Clients are advised to send Original certificate (or Certified True copies of Original) when they receive the Assignment from the Provider to whoever they are sending the Assignment to who may wish to verify the Copy against the Original. Authentication of Original certificates or evaluation of Original certificates (such as educational equivalence of Academic Diplomas/Transcripts) is not offered by the Provider.


We also offer Certification of Original certificate via our third party legal providers (Solicitor or Notary):

  1. a) A Certified True Copy of Original Certificate means that the Original Certificate is photocopied, signed & stamped as a True Copy by a Solicitor or Notary. You can get a Certified True Copy done yourself at any solicitor or notary or we can do it for you as part of the translation process. Please note: Certified True Copies are not applicable to UK Crown Copyright certificates such as General Register Office (GRO) Birth, Marriage, No Impediment to Marry, Death certificates, Police Criminal Record Checks, etc. We can only stamp Originals or Extracts of Originals issued by the relevant authority (such as the General Register Office). You can request extracts direct from the GRO website.
  2. b) Notarisation of Original certificate which means that the Original Certificate is photocopied, signed & stamped as a True Copy of Original Certificate by a Notary Public. You can get a Notarisation of Original certificate yourself done at any Notary Public or we can do it for you as part of the certification process.
  3. c) Legalisation (Apostille): The Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) in the UK is the only authority that can legalise Original certificates and translations. You can get your Original certificate and/or translation Assignment legalised yourself at the FCO or we can do it for you as part of the Translation process. The legalisation offered by the Provider means that we send the certificate and/or translation to the FCO for legalisation on your behalf.


- We are extremely careful in ensuring that the Assignment is accurate and reflects the text in the original certificate. Please note that we do not perform any 'editing' or 'rewriting', this means that no text is either added, removed or modified from the original certificate.

- Text discrepancies: To avoid translation discrepancies in phonetic names/places or handwritten illegible text that can be difficult to translate, a Draft of the Assignment will be emailed as an email PDF to the Client for verification before certifying/stamping. The Client must ensure the Draft is thoroughly checked and reply by email promptly to avoid any delays. Any discrepancies found after the Assignment is certified and stamped may incur further fee if the Provider is required to correct and re-certify the translation.

- Unless otherwise specified by the Client, the language the Provider is asked to translate into will be a mainstream language using a vocabulary that does not include rare dialectic or regional specific words and syntax. Unless a specific dialect or professional qualification/experience is requested by the Client, the Provider will use its discretion in the choice of the most suitable translation professional to match the translation assignment. A good translation depends amongst other things on a well and clearly written original certificate. Unless otherwise requested by the Client, the Assignment will closely reflect the intended meaning of the original certificate and will not be subject to adaptation, rewriting or editing, except for typographical and obvious common sense errors. Illegible text will be marked as [illegible] and will not be guess-translated by The Provider. The Provider will not be held responsible for an unsatisfactory Assignment resulting from poorly written and illegible original certificates.

- The Proper Names of the person(s) are translated using what the Provider believes to be the proper nomenclature for the language. The Provider will not add, shorten or modify the Name(s) of the person(s) on the original certificate should the Client request to do so, except in cases of phonetic adaptation, as long as the adaptation closely reflects the nomenclature of the original name(s), for example, upon client request, the name ‘Aleksander’ may be modified to ‘Alexander’ to match the Client's first name on all other documents.

- Formatting/Layout: Please note that we are a translation provider, not a graphic design provider. We try our best to match the layout and design of the translation with the original certificate without extra fee but our main priority is the accuracy of translation, not accuracy of layout and the client is to expect a layout that matches closely the layout of the original certificate but not to expect a 100% full design match.


- The deadline number of days (working days) shown on our website will be instantly shown along with the fee and depends on the type of certificates, languages, number of pages to be translated and type of certification. Subject to the Client confirming the Assignment, delivering the certificate(s), instructions and payment to the Provider, the Provider will do its utmost to ensure that the Assignment reaches the Client by the deadline 2, complete by Recorded Postal delivery or Courier and by email.

- Delivery deadlines are binding but may be subject to change in the following circumstances:

  1. a) Any reason beyond the Provider's control (such as delayed delivery by sub-contracted provider, employees, illness, breakdown in communication traffic - internet, emails, acts of God, disruptions in law & order, etc.)
  2. b) Post: Delivery of Assignments are dependent on other third party providers such as solicitors, notaries, the FCO, Royal Mail, Couriers, Internet provider, performing on time. The Provider will not be held responsible for the failure of such third party providers delivering on time. Assignments sent by post use Royal Mail recorded or special delivery signed for with tracking number. Clients who do not receive or receive delayed Assignments by Royal Mail's post will need to chase delivery direct with Royal Mail through their tracking facility. Recorded and Special Delivery requires the Client to sign for delivery either at home or office address. Neither The Provider nor Royal Mail will be held responsible by the Client for delivery failure due to non-physical presence of Client or Client proxy required to sign for delivery. Royal Mail will leave a card at delivery address giving instructions on how to retrieve non-delivered items. The Client will acknowledge receipt of the Assignment.
  3. c) Unforeseen difficult/complex nature of text to be translated. Even though Assignments booked direct on our website do not depend on the Provider seeing the certificate(s), the Client agrees to request confirmation of the Assignment and deadline before payment is made in the case of what could be perceived as a difficult translation Assignment (predominantly illegible text, over 300 words per A4 page, overlapping text layout, etc.).
  4. d) If any modification is made to the Assignment after confirmation (change of or additional certificate, pages, Assignment hold/reschedule, any change to the initial confirmed Assignment). Any deadline adjusted during the course of the Assignment must be confirmed in writing and agreed by both the Client and Provider.
  5. e) The Provider always sends a Draft of the Assignment by email (as a PDF attachment) before final Certification. The Client is required to review the Assignment promptly and reply by email with any changes so that the Provider is able to proceed with the Certification process. Any delay by the Client in approving the Draft will result in delays in meeting the delivery deadline 2.

 - The Client shall meet the fees of delivering any certificate to us by email, upload, post, courier (to the specified postal address, or by upload on our website). The Client is entirely responsible for ensuring that the certificate(s) have been delivered and seek confirmation of receipt from the Provider. The Client must not assume that the Assignment is being undertaken without confirmation from the Provider that the certificate and payment has been received. The Provider always acknowledges by email to the client when all certificates (including type of certificate, number of certificates, number of pages) and payment have been received.

- The Client shall also meet the fees of receiving the Assignment back from the Provider by post or courier through the initial booking process unless such delivery is without certification of translation or delivered by email only.

Fee Schedule:

- Translation Fees per 'Page': The definition of a 'page' and its translation fees depends on:

  1. a) the languages combination, b) the type of document c) the number of pages, d) the type of Certification. The fee per page shown at the time of the booking on our website includes a minimum of 1 word and a maximum of 300 words per A4 page of the original certificate (which corresponds to average lettering of 12 point typeface size and a maximum of 29 lines). Please note that for certificates submitted for translation exceeding the maximum number of words per page as indicated above, we reserve the right to either request additional payment for extra words (in increments of extra pages) or cancel the Assignment and offer a refund (less a cancellation fee of £14 + VAT).

- Discounts are given at the discretion of the Provider based on volume, amount of text per page, repeat client loyalty. Discounts are not given for already provided translation by client or third party and we do not accept such translations. Discounts apply to translation/certification charges only and do not apply to extra facilities such as rush Assignments and postal charges.


These are payable by the Client to the Provider in the event of the following:

- Upon receipt of translation, the Client shall promptly review it and within 30 days after receipt, notify the Provider of any changes. Any changes requested by the Client after 30 days of receipt may be chargeable and will require the Client to operate a new booking. A discount may be applicable at the Provider's discretion.

- Certified statements related to the translation signed by the translator himself/herself instead of the signature of a representative of the Provider signing on behalf of the translator (such as declaration of accuracy, witness statement, court related statement requiring the signature or physical presence of the translation professional himself/herself) are not offered by the Provider habitually. For such requests, the Client shall inform the Provider before hand of such requirement in writing and the Provider shall use its discretion in accepting to offer such facility or not. Different rates (and travel expenses if any) will apply in such case.


- All Assignments are pre-paid before commencement of the Assignment. In exceptional circumstances and upon prior agreement between the Client and the Provider, some Assignments are paid upon delivery. In which case, it is agreed that payment must reach our bank account after start of the Assignment but before Deadline 1 of the Assignment (Usually around 2 to 3 business days). The Provider will not release the Assignment to the Client until payment has been received in full into the Provider's bank account. The amount payable will be indicated on the Provider's Assignment confirmation receipt received by the Client. Upon Deadline 2 delivery of the Assignment, a full VAT receipt will be issued to the Client. The Provider reserves the right to stop delivery of an ongoing Assignment and charge interest and admin fees on late payments at the rate of 8% above base rate (or such rate as is determined by UK legislation). Relevant bank payment charges to be borne by the Client.

- The Client shall not be entitled to withhold payment or ask for a refund of any amount properly payable on account of any disputed claim by the Client in respect of:

  1. a) a current Assignment dispute such as disagreement with translation terminology; disagreement about academic titles translation, Client request to add, remove or modify passages in translation which do not conform to the Original certificate;
  2. b) another Assignment provided by the Provider, or any alleged breach of Agreement, or any other Agreement between the Provider and the Client. The Client shall not be entitled to offset or otherwise deduct from any amount properly payable to the Provider any monies which are allegedly due from the Provider to the Client for one Assignment from another.

- The Client shall not be entitled to withhold or delay payment of any amount payable to the Provider on account of any third party withholding payment to the Client.

- It is the responsibility of the Client to ensure that payment reaches us on time for timely delivery of the Assignment. Credit/debit cards and Paypal payments are instantly confirmed. Payments by eCheque, bank cheques, postal orders and Online transfers will be confirmed as soon as payment reaches the Provider's bank account. Confirmation of the Assignment will start from when payment reaches our account. The Client will not be notified if payment has not reached the Provider's account, in which case, it is the responsibility of the Client to chase payment has been received.


All Original certificates submitted to the Provider by the Client remain the property of the Client, and will be held in strict confidentiality by the Provider. Copies of certificates expressly identified by Client in writing as confidential shall be maintained in confidentiality by the Provider and, unless expressly authorised by the Client in writing, shall not be divulged or published by the Provider, nor authorised by the Provider to be divulged or published to others. Excluded is a) information which is or becomes available to the general public, provided this did not result from a breach by the Provider, b) terminology glossary entries compiled by the Provider whilst performing the Assignment. c) Likewise, the Client shall not disclose to any third party any information relating to the Provider and any of its methods without prior written consent from the Provider.

Please visit the following page for our Privacy Notice & Cookies Notice:


As soon as we receive a confirmed Assignment during Business Hours, it is processed immediately and we start translating. For cancelled translation Assignments, 100% of the booking total is refundable within two hours from the Assignment confirmation start date/time during Business Hours, 0% refundable after two business hours from the Assignment confirmation start date/time. For rescheduled/amended/on-hold translation, a £29 + VAT re-booking fee becomes payable and added to the total amount to cover the administration fees involved in stopping/amending and reprocessing the Assignment. An Assignment which has been put on hold by the Client for whatever reason is allowed a grace period of 15 business days after which the Assignment must be resumed. Should we not receive instructions to resume the Assignment within the grace period, the translation will be automatically cancelled and no refund will be applicable. Our translation professionals allocate Assignments in an orderly manner. If an Assignment is confirmed and time allocated for that purpose and later cancelled, loss has to be compensated as the professional would have turned down other Assignments. The cancellation of an Assignment in full or in part involves time and resources which have to be compensated. The translation completed until the client on-hold instructions shall be made available to the Client.


Our online booking system allows the self-service facility for Clients to book their Assignments from amongst the list of certificates listed on the first step of the booking e-commerce journey, upload their certificate(s), complete and pay for the booking without the Provider seeing the certificate that is being booked. In most cases the Provider shall, within 24 hours of receipt of payment, confirm the Assignment by return email. The Provider reserves the right not to undertake and to terminate an Assignment immediately and notify the Client as such, for the following reasons:

- Certificates submitted for translation exceeding the maximum number of words per page as indicated above, we reserve the right to either request additional payment for extra words (in increments of extra pages) or terminate the Assignment.

- Certificates submitted for translation with predominantly Illegible content.

- Certificates with improper, unlawful, immoral content which the Provider judges is not appropriate to translate.

- Please note that Assignments which have been terminated for any of the above reasons or any other reason are subject to a refund (less a termination fee of £14 + VAT).


The Provider shall bear no responsibility whatsoever as to any changes in the translation made by the Client or any third party after completion by the Provider and receipt by the Client. The Provider shall also bear no responsibility whatsoever as to the outcome of the Client's submission of the Provider's translation to any third party (for example visa application, university application).

The Client undertakes to make no attempt to establish any arrangement independent of the Provider with linguists contracted to the Provider on this or any related Assignment. Should the Client breach this arrangement, the Client will pay the Provider any compensation adequately reviewed by the Provider as compensation for breach of this clause under the terms of this agreement.


If an Original or Copy of text to be translated is under copyright, the Provider shall not be held responsible whatsoever for any breaches in copyright laws whilst the Provider was not being made aware by the Client of any Copyright rules regarding the Original or Copy and its translation. The Provider undertakes the Assignment in good faith from the Client on the understanding that:

  1. the client has the translation rights from the copyright owner(s) to translate the certificate,
  2. the client will be using the translation for private purposes only.
  3. The Client shall not hold the Provider responsible for any claim for infringement of copyright and/or translation rights and from any legal action which may arise from the contents of the original material. It is also agreed that the Client shall not hold the Provider responsible for any claim for infringement of copyright and/or translation rights for any legal action which may arise by any third party with regards to the Assignment, either directed against the Provider or the Client.


We aim to provide a flawless Assignment and take every care to ensure that any Assignment meets the Client satisfaction. On very rare occasions when things may go wrong, whether within or beyond our control, we aim to redress the situation immediately, free of charge, and within 30 days from the delivery date of the Assignment by rectifying any errors and doing everything we possibly can to remedy the situation. Unfortunately, we cannot accept any responsibility or complaints for any Assignments after 30 days. Requests for changes and complaints beyond 30 days from delivery date, will need to be made in writing to customer department at the registered office address above and may be reviewed at the Provider's discretion free of charge or at a fee. All outstanding payments will still need to be made regardless of whether a complaint or review is pending. In case the Provider was not able to perform the Assignment to the Client's satisfaction and after the Provider having been given a chance to rectify the situation, a full or partial refund of the payable amount may be made to the Client. The Provider will not be held responsible for any loss, claim, damage, expense or liability which the Client may have incurred on account of using the Provider's facilities. The Provider strives to provide the best Assignment to match specific requirements.


From time to time, we reserve the right to make changes to this Agreement.


This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales. In the case of an unresolved dispute, the adjudication of a court of law in England and Wales shall be used which decision shall be binding and final. Any fees arising from the adjudication process will be borne by the party which court decision favoured against. In case an Agreement exists in the English and another language, the interpretation of the English language Agreement shall be binding.