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Certified UK Translation
Certified UK Translation Office

CERTIFIED UK TRANSLATION SERVICES was created for the purpose of translating and certifying only and perfectly understands its process.

The team comprises qualified translators.

And equally important, our translation team is experienced and does lots or research, which leads to confidence.

CERTIFIED UK TRANSLATION SERVICES has developed over the years its own translation management tools to produce fantastic translations!


Some of the tools we use are:

- A custom-built e-commerce website to facilitate and speed up the translation ordering process in 4 steps.

- Specialist in-house terminology glossaries for most languages combinations.

- Custom process to produce layouts to closely match the original certificates using advanced design and text extraction tools.

- A custom-built in-house translation management system that keeps track of our 25 stages of translation from inception to final delivery to the client (such as text extraction, layout, pre-translation, matching certificates criteria with the translator qualification, translation, proofreading, quality control, validating, certifying).

The use of modern software tools are paramount to the speed and success of translation. For example having a custom-built translation management system that automatically takes care of admin routine jobs such as layout, label printing, email reminders and confirmations, alerts, etc. minimises the amount of effort towards administration work and maximises the effort towards translating.

The choice of correct translator is essential from the onset. Has she or he got too much on? If so they will not be able to fully concentrate on the job and give it the required research time. Will they not only translate the job well, but also understand the original language? That's very important!

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