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For basic translation & certification of foreign certificates into English, you can send us a copy by uploading a scan/photo, email or post a photocopy of the original certificate (original not needed in most cases, see below when originals are required) because we are not certifying the original, just the translation. That means it is Faster to order on our website. Of course, you are also welcome to drop them by our office. Please remember that when you submit the certified translation to public organisations, they may want to see the original certificate as well, in which case just enclose your original certificate with the certified translation.

In special circumstances for basic certification, some public organisations (such as the General Dental Council) require the original certificate or Certified True Copy* of the original certificate to be stamped along with the translation. In which case you need to send us or drop off the original.

For Sworn Translations or Notarised Translations of English certificates into a foreign language for use abroad, we usually require the original certificate but we don't always stamp the original, instead we stamp a Certified True Copy*. We can get started from a scan/photo/copy which you can upload/send in Step 3, but we will need soon after the actual physical original certificate (send by post or drop off in person). There are some exceptions, for example if the purpose of the translation is not for public registration (such as medical examination, church marriage, etc.) then the original may not be required and a scan/copy will do. This has to be checked with the relevant organisation.

*Certified True Copies are copies of original certificates which have been verified by a solicitor or notary that the original was compared against the copy and it conforms exactly to the original. He or she will stamp or write such verification on the copy, sign and date it.

Please note that UK certificates such as Birth, Marriage, Death, No Impediment to Marry Certificates issued from the General Register Office, Divorce Decree from a UK Court, Criminal Record certificates, Probates, Naturalisation Certificates (in general any document with the Royal Coat of Arms at the top) HAVE to be originals or original extracts. We do not accept copies/scans for such certificates as they are Crown Copyright.

When sending certificates to us, please make sure the scan or photo (max. 5MB total), or copy we receive is legible and the edges of pages not cut off and straight. You can send your certificate by:

- Post, please make sure the photocopies are colour and good quality. Send to:

CERTIFIED UK TRANSLATION SERVICES, 31A Crawford Place, London W1H4LL (please use Special Delivery or Recorded Delivery Post)

- Upload scan/photo (preferably PDF but not necessary), choose a reasonable resolution but not too high or low). Total files sizes must not exceed 5MB. If sending photos, please make sure they fill out the whole page, square and flat and are legible.

- In Person at our office.

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