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You can send us a copy by uploading a scan/picture in Step 3 of the website booking or from the Contact Us page, send by:
Whatsapp, or by email info @ or post a photocopy of the original document to CertifiedUKtransl.,
10 Erne House, Rosebank Way, LondonW3 6TY, (original not needed in most cases, see below when originals are required). That means it is Faster to order on our website. Please remember that when you submit the translated documents to public organizations, they may want to see the original document as well, in which case just enclose your original document with the translated/attested documents.

In special circumstances, some public organizations (such as the General Dental Council) require a Certified True Copy* of the original document to be stamped along with the translated document. In which case you need to send us the original for our solicitor to make a Certified True Copy* or you can have any solicitor you know make a Certified True Copy.

*Certified True Copies are copies of original documents which have been verified by a solicitor or notary that the original was compared against the copy and it conforms exactly to the original. He or she will stamp or write such verification on the copy, sign and date it.

Please note that if you require us to Legalize (Apostille) the translation of UK documents at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, such as Birth, Marriage, Death, No Impediment to Marry Certificates issued from the General Register Office UK or your local council, Divorce Decree from a UK Court, UK Criminal Record certificates, UK Probates, UK Naturalization Certificates, they HAVE to be originals or original extracts. We do not accept copies/scans for such certificates if they are to be legalized (apostille) by us at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office.

Important! Is the date of issue on your document old and will it be valid for the authority you are sending it to? Check first with the authority whether a more recent document needs to be translated. For example for some DBS Criminal Records and Birth Certificates, it is usually the case that they cannot be older than 6 months for them to be valid.

When sending certificates to us, please make sure the scan or photo (max. 5MB total), or copy we receive is legible and the edges of pages not cut off and straight. You can send your certificate by:

- Post, please make sure the photocopies are in color and good quality. Send to:

CERTIFIEDUKTRANSLATION, 10 Erne House, Rosebank Way, London W3 6TY (postal address only, no over-the-counter service).

- Upload / Whatsapp scan/photo (PDF or JPG), choose a reasonable resolution but not too high or not too low. Total files sizes must not exceed 5MB. If sending photos, please make sure they fill out the whole page, are square and flat and are legible.

Any problems? give us a call 02081338131